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Pastor David Fronsoe, aka., 'Pastor Dave' is a long term member of Evangelist Crusaders Church who surrendered his life to Christ over 44 years ago. He was discipled and trained in Christian life under the Founder of Evangelist Crusaders Church, the late Rev. Walter A. Smith. 


Pastor Dave was ordained in 1982, and presently serves as Senior Pastor of the Evangelist Crusaders Church.  He is known for his committed service to God, his care of the saints and for his humble spirit.  His insightful, Word-based messages are always inspirational which are essential to navigating the challenges we face in our everyday lives





Evangelist Crusaders Church was founded on March 18th, 1966 in Hennepin County, MN, by the late, Rev. Walter A. Smith, his wife, the late, Dr. Hattie L. Smith, and the late, Evangelist Dorothy Thomas. 


Joined and assisted by other powerful leaders and saints of God, Pastor Smith built a ministry whose influence has touched many lives near and far and helped to give rise to many churches and other parachurch ministries. Among those leaders were Bishop Dorothy Hill, Dr. Norris Rose and Dr. Nathanael J. Mullen, Jr., just to name a few.

Evangelist Crusaders believes that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is still a part of God’s plan for the Christian church. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit enables the believer to be gifted for ministry in a powerful way and elevates ministry gifts to a new level.  We also believe that signs and wonders should (and will) accompany the preaching of God’s word, just as they did when the New Testament was written.

Evangelist Crusaders’ rich history is rooted in the three core elements of its mission. We focus on: 1) evangelizing the lost; 2) discipling the believers; 3) and training individuals for ministry. All of this is done through, with and in the power of the Holy Ghost. Our mission statement is, “To advance the Kingdom of God by providing a worship environment in which God’s people can be discipled in His Word to serve others and to evangelize the World.”

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